Tips For Selling Items Online

How can self storage help you while selling items online? 422 Storage in Palmyra PA provides a variety of storage units to suit a variety of needs. Small businesses use storage if their products sell online mostly; homeowners do not have to move as much to the new house if they have a safe place to store.

Our Palmyra PA self storage facility has parking spaces, indoor storage, and drive up storage units, so you can choose the unit that best suits your needs. With experts to assist along the way, and self storage tips, let 422 Storage be the right choice when you are looking for self storage in Palmyra PA.

Sell Online Palmyra PA

Tips to Sell Online

  1. Choose a site that best promotes your item. All the available websites will promote your item but there may be one better than the others.
  2. Selling furniture? Take multiple photos and a variety of angles to help the customer see how large the piece is.
  3. Sell clothing in a bundle. Someone may be more likely to put in an offer if they can purchase a few things all at once.
  4. Broken or badly damaged pieces should be disclosed in the description.
  5. Many of the websites that allow you to post your products do not allow anything alcohol related.

College students benefit from selling back their textbooks and getting a little extra cash to help with their summer plans.

Sell baby clothes after the kids are all grown up, many new parents are look to save space before the baby arrives.

You have options when you want to sell. Post it online and someone may need just the item you are selling.

Rent your storage unit at 422 Storage and get a few things out of the house. Keep them with us for as long as you need or put them online for sale.

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